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Behind The Seams

  • Flannel, corduroy or tweed - What is your winter fabric?

    Flannel, corduroy or tweed - What is your winter fabric?

    Personally, I love this time of the year - with temperatures dropping, it provides me with more options of what to wear everyday. Monday can be flannel, Tuesday corduroy and tweed for the weekend. With a few pieces you can build a wardrobe with enough flexibility to wear something different everyday. The fabric of the suits, jackets and trousers you...

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  • Made To Measure Jumpers

    Made To Measure Jumpers

    Whether you call it a jumper (UK) or a sweater (USA) or even a pullover (??), the important thing is that It fits well and feels fantastic.  Hand-knitted in Italy from Loro Piana Cashmere, we are pleased to introduce our range of made to measure jumpers. There are a number of different styles to select from ranging from the classic...

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  • How to choose the perfect autumn sportscoat

    How to choose the perfect autumn sportscoat

      Each September, there is inevitably a morning that’s noticeably cooler and crisper than any that had preceded it; a clear sign of autumn. However, the afternoons can feel more like summer. Therefore, a lightweight jacket can be quite practical. So, in this article we’re going to provide some guidance on how to buy a fall sportcoat that is both...

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