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Behind The Seams

  • Suit Colours - What Do They Say About You?

    Whether you're meeting with one of your employees or one of your top customers, you should always consider that what you wear and the colors you choose convey an unspoken message. In these rough economic times, businesspeople need to be mindful about what their clothing — much like their body language — communicates to clients. Men often overlook the color...

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  • New Year New Styles - Spring Summer 2021

      We all have high hopes for 2021. It may not have started off the way we wanted it to, but hopefully by summer we would have returned to some sort of normality.  We are pleased to announce that our new set of fabric books have arrived and now is the perfect time to plan for brighter days. The collection...

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  • The Perfect WFH Shirt - Cashmerello

    Cashmerello is a combination of 85% Swiss Cotton and 15% Cashmere. Woven by Alumo in Appenzell, the fabrics are incredibly soft and provide added warmth for the cooler months. The 135 grams per square metre will pamper you in the cold weather with their ideal warmth and luxurious feeling. There are two collections available - Cashmerello and Cashmerello Light. The latter...

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