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Behind The Seams

  • The Perfect WFH Shirt - Cashmerello

    Cashmerello is a combination of 85% Swiss Cotton and 15% Cashmere. Woven by Alumo in Appenzell, the fabrics are incredibly soft and provide added warmth for the cooler months. The 135 grams per square metre will pamper you in the cold weather with their ideal warmth and luxurious feeling. There are two collections available - Cashmerello and Cashmerello Light. The latter...

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  • Bespoke Tailored Tweed

    Autumn is back again which means the days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping and becoming considerably cooler. Luckily, the Scottish and Irish have perfected the Tweed fabric over the years for such occasion.Origins of TweedLegend has it that the name for Tweed was a complete accident. It all occurred when an English textile merchant misspelled the Scottish...

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  • A Great British Boutique: Raj Mirpuri Bespoke

    Below is a reproduction of an article published on on August 16, 2020. Great British Boutiques: Mirpuri Bespoke For Tatler’s first edition of Great British Boutiques, a fortnightly series highlighting the very best of independent tailors, stores and creators, we talk to Ajay Mirpuri, the founder of London’s best kept secret for bespoke tailoring and alterations; Mirpuri Bespoke  ...

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